Frequently Asked Questions

The data we collect is used for the purposes of enrolling you as a healthcare practitioner and for providing relevant information to patients. We do not sell or transmit your information to anyone.
Payments to providers are guaranteed. ACH transfers are processed within fifteen days after we receive payment from the patient and the patient's electronic health record is uploaded to our platform.
SeeThru follows all current FHIR/HL7 standards.
The standard design of the platform does not allow for pre-screening. However, for certain specialties we can activate this feature upon request by the provider.
Patients can cancel their appointments. Providers determine their own cancellation policy, which can be time-based and range from issuing a full refund to no refund at all.
We are a price transparency platform. You can change the fees you charge anytime. Patients will be able to view the new prices once you update them on your account. That said, if a patient has already scheduled an appointment and you change the price prior to their appointment, you must still see the patient and honor their guaranteed price.
Providers will be able to add-on additional services using the SeeThru Platform following conversation and approval by the patient. Patients have the right to refuse the additional treatment/diagnostics and seek them from another provider.
Our payment processor utilizes fully secure data encryption. Payment data is not saved on mobile devices or within the application.
Patients will be able to search for providers based upon location, specialties, symptomatology, prices, and ratings. Provider ratings are based on our proprietary SeeThru Index which is calculated from measures such as patient experience and clinical outcomes.